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Light up shoes are undoubtedly unique piece of footwear as unlike other shoes, it features LED lights that change in colors and light in different patterns. When compared to shoes that you used to wear back in your childhood days, these shoes have a switch that you can turn off and on. Additionally, these shoes are rechargeable and with that, it can be used for a long period of time. To be able to charge the led light up shoes, just connect it to a power outlet via its hidden USB port.


There are numerous types of these shoes that you can find in the market, which can easily confuse customers particularly new buyers. In order to find the right one for you, there are some factors that must be taken into mind similar to:


Number 1. Soles - in the soles is where the lights are connected. For this reason, when the soles aren't in good condition, the lights won't look the way you're expecting it to. Ideally, buy shoes that are made out of PVC rubber and make sure that the sole is washable and durable.


Number 2. Battery - like what's mentioned earlier, light up shoes and even led shoes for kids have a feature which allows you to charge it. To be certain that the shoes stays lit for the entire night, you should go for the ones that have long lasting batteries. It has to at least have 9 hours of battery life. The best way of ensuring that your shoe would last this long is by simply going for the one that's made by a well known company.


Number 3. Comfort - there is no way that you can reap the benefits that these shoes have if you feel uncomfortable wearing them. When you are making such purchase, you should check for its level of comfort by wearing them. In addition to having a nice fit, they have to be made with high quality material as well.


For your shoes to last this long, it will require proper care and maintenance of course. One of the many ways to take care of your shoes is by protecting it from having direct contact with too much water. Remember that LED lights are connected with wires that might cause short circuit if they ever get contact with water. To avoid damaging the shoes, avoid wearing them when going in a boat trip or near pools. Experts recommend not to overcharge the shoes as doing so can make it hot but also, shortens the battery life.


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